Fast, versatile and cost-effective, digital printing is a convenient and popular method of printing digital-based images onto a range of substrates. 

It can be ideal for prototyping on new products, short print runs and on demand printing thanks to the fast turnaround and cost-effective nature of the process.

Here at Bex, we can also combine with screen printing to offer the best of both worlds and create some truly unique products to match your specific needs. 

Photo of an industrial digital printer

The process

The first step in the digital printing process, and in all of our print solutions, is to finalise artwork. Our lead graphic designer can either work with you to create bespoke designs based on your work, or simply convert your existing artwork into the correct format for print.

Unlike traditional methods of printing, digital does not require printing plates or filmwork. Instead, the printing machines print directly onto materials from digital files provided from our studio. 

We have both inkjet and LED digital printers, and these work by dropping pigments or toners onto the substrates, creating a thin layer on the surface. A UV curing process is then used to ensure that the ink adheres firmly to the substrate. 

The final step in the process is quality control. We thoroughly check all products to ensure top quality before approving them to send to customers in accordance with our procedures within our ISO 9001 system. 

The benefits of digital printing

Digital printing is a very fast and efficient process. Our printers are capable of delivering speeds of 180 sqm/hr, meaning we can deliver products to meet tight deadlines.

It is also a very versatile method of printing, capable of being used on a wide range of different materials. We can produce stunning text and graphics on almost any printable substrate – as large as 3200 x 2000mm and up to 100mm thick. 

With such a swift and versatile printing process, you may expect to pay a premium. However, it is in fact a cost-effective solution as well. Being a fast and simple process helps to keep our costs competitive and our carbon footprint low.

Thanks to advances in modern technology, these days digital also provides quality rivalling traditional printing methods. At Bex, we continually invest in the latest printing technology. This, when combined with our rigorous quality control system, helps us to ensure top quality print every time.

We can also combine with screen printing, allowing you to access the vibrancy of colour that only screen printing can provide, whilst using digital print for other elements of your design to save time and money. 

Here at Bex, we work with you to find the right printing solution for your specific requirements. Contact us to find out more.

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