CNC Cutting, Routing & Engraving

Precise, Clean and Detailed

In today’s fiercely competitive environment, precise cutting, routing and engraving of eye-catching or irregular shapes are in increasingly high demand.

Whether your design calls for a simple shape to be cut or an intricate design out of an unusual material, our CNC cutting, routing and engraving technologies are capable of exceeding all your requirements better than ever.

Meeting these challenges head on, we continually invest in the latest camera-guided digital and laser cutting/engraving technologies.

We can offer highly accurate routing or laser cutting of components with an accuracy tolerance of +/-0.2mm, with prototypes and samples supplied to ensure the perfect fit.

“Our multi-function cutting and finishing tools produce the perfect solution, quickly, economically and to the finest tolerances.“

Our capabilites

Our cutting and engraving technology is continually updated, we are currently using the following machinery:

Zund G3 digital cutting/routing machines – using highly sophisticated camera-guided technology, they are ideal for all substrates including polycarbonates.

For laser cutting and engraving we use Epilog Fusion Pro and Trotec Speedy 400 machines. Both machines provide beautifully precise cutting on flat, 3d and other surfaces and excel when producing complex and intricate shapes.

Have something for us?


Our cutters are the fastest on the market, operating at speeds of up 3.55 m/sec and acceleration of 5g.


A high degree of accuracy can be achieved, with very fine tolerances of plus or minus 0.2mm


We can cut/engrave most acrylics, laminates, wood and plastics including perspex and polycarbonate


We can cut or route any thickness of material up to 40mm, according to customer specification

Graphic Overlays | Membrane Switches | Nameplates | Signage | Promotional Merchandise | Panels | Labels
tolerances achieved with laser cutting

Benefits of laser cutting/engraving

Laser cutting is a quick and highly accurate process which leaves a clean, polished edge on the material.

Laser engraving is frequently used with laminated materials, for example when engraving a top layer which sits over a different coloured base layer that then shows through. Typical materials we engrave are wood, metal, glass and perspex.


Prototyping and samples

We understand intricate and complicated designs might feel a bit risky, or you may have issues with previous suppliers.

Through our prototyping service we can supply you with a sample or dummy unit. This will give you confidence in our high quality, timely service and more importantly, will ensure that the cut piece fits perfectly on your product.