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Membrane Switches and Keypads

Trusted Membrane Switch Manufacturer

Bex Design have gained an enviable reputation as one of the leading membrane switch and keypad manufacturers in the UK. We have the skills and extensive experience to produce the many different types of membrane switches demanded by customers world-wide.

The membrane switches produced at Bex Design are extremely durable and guaranteed to keep working through millions of button presses, even while operating in extreme or hostile environments. They are designed and manufactured to meet specific customer requirements and are widely used in medical, security and fire alarm applications, providing a reliable, low-cost interface.

Our membrane switches consist of printed graphical overlays and circuit layers sandwiched together, along with embedded components such as non-tactile, metal dome tactile or polydome tactile buttons, integral LED’s and RF Shields, to create the finished product.

When compared to other switching systems, membrane switches have the advantage of simple mechanical and electrical integration along with lower cost development and tooling.

Low Cost Human Interface

Printed overlays can feature flat, non-embossed keys or can be enhanced with pillow, dome or rim embossing to any size or shape, while surface textures and glosses can be applied to further enhance the functionality and appearance of the membrane switch.

All membrane switches are produced in our UK manufacturing facility using only the highest quality materials and suppliers along with the latest production methods. In-house automated ‘pick and place’ technology provides unsurpassed accuracy of manufacture and all electronic components that we produce are 100% tested prior to shipping ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Our membrane switches are produced to satisfy specific design requirements and can be manufactured to suit almost any size and shape. They are also tailored to the environment in which they will be operated, satisfying parameters such as robustness, chemical resistance, ingress protection and long service life.

We can supply anything from low cost prototypes to high production volumes, all at competitive prices. Please contact our sales team who will be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

Electronics Print & Manufacture

Endless Design Features

Design options and features that can be incorporated include:

  • Long-life and durability for harsh environments
  • Heat and chemical resistance
  • Moisture ingress protection
  • Embossed buttons
  • Electromagnetic shielding
  • Tactile and non-tactile materials
  • Embedded LED’s
  • Hidden-till-lit windows
  • Transparent or coloured windows
  • Bespoke printed overlays 
  • Hard coat surface finishes
  • Selective surface textures
  • Braille
  • Circuit design
  • Male / Female connectors
  • Precision engineered panels (metal, acrylic & polycarbonate)
  • Solid, chrome & pearlescent inks
  • Satin & matt metallic finishes
  • Polyester (standard & UV resistant)
  • Custom matched colours


100% functionally tested

Once assembled, all the electronic components that we produce are 100% tested prior to shipping, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

  • Number of impressions guarantee
  • Insulation and resistance control testing
  • Ink and materials guarantee
  • Ingress protections to different environments (IP rated)
  • ATEX approved
  • Rfi, ESD, EMC, shielding

Automated Assembly

We have invested in the latest fully automated ‘pick and place’ technology which provides unsurpassed accuracy of manufacture.

Utilising this computer controlled technology means that membrane switches manufactured at Bex Design can be assembled quickly and accurately enabling us to consistently guarantee fast turnarounds and on-time delivery.

Fully Automated Assembly

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