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Plain or Printed Reel Labels

At Bex we have the capabilities and expertise for producing both plain and high resolution printed reel labels. We can manufacture your reel labels in any quantity from short runs upwards, to the highest quality and at highly competitive prices.

As label specialists we offer plain labels for a diverse range of applications and industries which are suitable for overprinting by customers using their own label printing equipment. This reduces waste and costs, allowing you to over-print as and when labels are required.

These labels are manufactured to fit an assortment of printers including thermal transfer, direct thermal, laser, ribbon, and Inkjet printers. All common roll and core sizes of plain labels are available, whilst other requirements can be made-to-order.

Versatile, Wide-Ranging Format

Due to their versatility, we offer an extensive choice of materials and adhesives to meet your requirements. Depending on the application, reel labels can be supplied on transparent, flourescent, thermal, window vinyl, tamper proof and foiled material.

Whether your labels need to be resistant to water, chemicals, extreme temperatures or harsh outdoor environments, all of our labels are engineered to perform under a variety of conditions and temperatures.

Reel labels can also be supplied barcoded, sequentially numbered, mark and seal or printed in full colour and with a variety of finishes. Examples of the printed reel labels we produce are: machine data, medical, chemical, electronics, food & drink and household goods labels.



Need flat, finished labels?

UL Certified Labels

The “UL Mark” is an industry standard required for the permanent labelling of certain products which require safety-related information, warnings, cautions, product classifications or instructions. With end-use applications that may face extreme or harsh conditions, these product labels must first meet specific UL testing and certification standards to ensure that they will last the life of the product.

The resources and processes involved with obtaining UL label certification can be challenging and time-consuming. Bex Design has a great deal of experience with UL and uses a range of pre-approved materials and inks, making the process incredibly simple, which in turn saves you time and money.

Specialist Security Labels

Tamper Evident Labels – These labels are ideal if proof is required that a particular item has been opened or tampered with in some way, invaluable for equipment that is calibrated or where a warranty may be void in case of removal.

Hologram Labels – For increased security, labels can contain a hologram, to prevent copying or replacement with another label.

Void Labels – The word “VOID” appears should an attempt be made to remove the label.

Tamper Resistant Labels – These break up into smaller pieces should an attempt be made to remove the label.

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