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The electronics landscape

Whether it’s printed circuit boards, membrane switches or anodised plates, printed materials are crucial for all electronics manufacturers. Securing these elements has become more of a challenge in recent times thanks to global supply chain issues.

Unprecedented worldwide chip shortages have endured since the pandemic, causing production delays in the electronics industry. Combined with supply chain disruptions caused by global events and rising costs of both energy and labour, manufacturers have faced numerous challenges.

On top of this, sustainability has become crucially important in recent years, as consumers continue to demand sustainable technology. It is expected that businesses use clean and sustainable technology at all points in their product supply chain, and as this expectation is only going to increase as we move towards net zero.

Bex Design & Print Ltd. – Overcoming global electronics challenges

With a number of challenges facing electronics manufacturers, it is important to select your print partner wisely to ensure you don’t add to them. Getting it right can help with:

  • Rising energy costs: Tackle soaring prices by getting it right first time, every time – improving quality control to reduce the need for reworks
  • Materials: With supplies scarce and prices on the rise, simplify your supply chain and ensure swift turnaround times by choosing a print partner that reliably keeps materials in stock
  • Sustainability: Reduce environmental impact by bringing your print supplier back from overseas to a UK based supplier with green credentials. Control wastage by using a printing partner that uses pre-cut materials.

Unrivalled Knowledge

With over 35 years of experience in the sector, electronics printing and manufacture has been a principal focus for Bex Design & Print since the business was launched. We are proud to partner with some of the biggest names in the electronics industry, along with UK and worldwide electronic component manufacturers.

We design and manufacture the highest quality membrane switches, keypads, circuits, electronic control panels, graphic overlays, interface panels, fascia panels along with laser engraved traffolytes to be used on junction points.

Our vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the electronics sector enables us to advise on the most cost effective solution for the production of your electronic items, without any compromise on quality.

Almost anything is possible and we utilise industry standard materials and inks to bring your designs or ideas to life.

Features Available

  • Domes and switches located under embossed buttons
  • Hardcoated polyester film for tactile surfaces
  • In-house conductive printing for the membrane tracking
  • Conductive and dielectric inks
  • Wide range of stabilised polyesters
  • Embossing and debossing available
  • Comprehensive range of adhesives to cover every possible use
  • Automated pick and place assembly
  • Highly accurate routing or laser cutting of components with an accuracy tolerance of +/-0.2mm

Why choose Bex?

  • The majority of our processes are carried out within our manufacturing facility which allows us full control of the products we produce
  • All of our products are 100% tested and checked, both functionally and visually, before despatch to customers
  • We offer a call-off service for your products, saving time and money
  • Tracking can be manufactured in bulk for cost savings
  • Re-engineering and prototyping services are also available if required. Please contact us for details
  • Technical knowledge to support the design of membrane switches and keypads
  • Assembly of products if required
  • Colour matching to instrumentation
  • Free artwork and tooling
  • Support with research and development
  • Artwork approval before manufacturing
  • Swift quote turnaround time and on time delivery