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Rail matters

From scratch resistant labels for seats to flame retardant panels and displays, printed products are vital components in the rail industry. Global supply chain issues and an ever-increasing focus on sustainability are contributing to a challenging market for the rail industry.

With the road to net zero increasing in urgency, there is a renewed focus on rail as one of the most environmentally friendly forms of transport. With this increased focus comes increased accountability, and it is becoming an expectation rather than a ‘nice to have’ that the sector thinks about its carbon footprint as a whole, rather than simply cutting emissions from the trains themselves.

Meanwhile, rising costs and global supply chain shortages are ensuring that it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure printed products. With this in mind, the rail industry is increasingly turning to UK suppliers for their printed components, helping to slim down the supply chain, save money and cut emissions.

Bex Design & Print Ltd. – Overcoming global challenges

Choosing the right partner for your printing needs can help your business to overcome a number of challenges:

  • Materials: With supplies scarce and prices soaring, slim down your supply chain and ensure swift lead times by choosing a print partner that reliably keeps materials in stock.
  • Sustainability: Reduce environmental impact by bringing your print supplier back from overseas to a UK based supplier with green credentials. Control wastage by partnering with a company that uses pre-cut materials.
  • Fire safety: Ensure your printed products are flame retardantby choosing a business that uses materials carrying the industry essential safety standard UL94 V-0 rating.

Unrivalled experience and knowledge

At Bex Design & Print, we have been working with the rail industry in the UK for over 35 years.

With our experience and knowledge, we advise on the most cost effective solution for your printed components, with no compromise on quality. Almost any job is possible, and we work with you to bring your designs and ideas to life utilising industry standard materials, including Lexan flame retardant polycarbonate films.

We understand the pressure of lead times, and our fully automated print line is capable of printing 500 sheets of material per hour, meaning we have the capacity to cope with large volume orders. We constantly invest in the latest technology to ensure we can keep up with growing demand from the industry.

Why choose Bex?

  • The majority of our processes are carried out within our manufacturing facility which allows us full control of the products we produce
  • All of our products are thoroughly checked, both functionally and visually, before dispatch to customers
  • Colour matching
  • Free artwork and tooling
  • Support with research and development
  • Artwork approval before manufacturing
  • Swift quote turnaround time and on time delivery
  • Materials held in stock so we can start work on orders right away