Medical Electronics and Equipment Printing

Membranes, Overlays and Labels

We manufacture and print membrane switches/keypads, medical overlays and medical equipment labels for the UK and international medical sector. The products we manufacture for the medical sector offer exceptional durability and solvent/abrasion resistance ensuring full functionality for the life of the product.

Cost-Effective Solutions

As a major supplier to the medical industry, our materials and processes satisfy the extremely stringent requirements set by this sector. We ensure our products are robust and durable and our production team will advise on the most efficient processes to keep your costs low whilst maintaining quality.

Anti-Bacterial Materials

Materials we specify combine a unique UV cured hardcoat technology for durability and chemical resistance with antimicrobial technology which is active 24/7 to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface. The result is a surface that is robust for cleaning and stays hygienically cleaner and fresher between routine cleans.

When the film surface becomes contaminated with bacteria, the technology integrated into the film surface disrupts the biological functions of the bacteria, preventing their reproduction and causing a significant reduction in population. This ensures the treated film surface is protected from stains, odours, and premature degradation caused by bacterial growth for its expected lifetime.

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Medical Sector Experience

Bex Design have been working with private medical equipment contractors to the NHS for many years and understand the optimum standards required for medical electronics, instrumentation and equipment.

We also regularly export products destined for use in the medical sector to companies based in the US and Europe.

Product Features

  • Trusted, UL Certified company
  • Specialist anti-microbial materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Compliant with medical industry legislation
  • Embossing for ease of use
  • Accurate colour matching
  • Excellent durability for lifetime of product
  • Anodised plates for extra long life