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The medical landscape

Membrane switches, graphic overlays and labels for the medical sector are all part of what we do here at Bex. While they all have a crucial role to play, securing these important components has become harder in recent times.

In the UK, an already overstretched medical sector was exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. The lasting impact of covid, combined with soaring prices of both energy and materials, is creating an uncertain future for the industry.

Manufacturers of medical equipment face all of these problems and more, with global supply chain issues and the road to net zero continuing to prove a challenge. One way to help to tackle some of these obstacles is to select a print supplier based in the UK.

Bex Design & Print Ltd. – Overcoming medical challenges

With a number of challenges facing medical manufacturers, it is important to select your print partner wisely to ensure you don’t add to them. Getting it right can help with:

  • Rising energy costs: Tackle rising prices by getting it right first time, every time – improving quality control to reduce the need for reworks
  • Materials: With supplies scarce and prices soaring, slim down your supply chain and ensure swift lead times by choosing a print partner that reliably keeps materials in stock
  • Sustainability: Reduce environmental impact by bringing your print supplier back from overseas to a UK based supplier with green credentials. Control wastage by using a printing partner that uses pre-cut materials.

Experts in print for the medical sector

At Bex Design & Print, we have been working with private medical equipment contractors to the NHS for many years and understand the optimum standards required for medical electronics, instrumentation and equipment.

We also regularly export products destined for use in the medical sector to companies based in the US and Europe.

As a major supplier to the medical industry, our materials and processes satisfy the extremely stringent requirements set by this sector. We ensure our products are robust and durable and our production team will advise on the most efficient processes to keep your costs low whilst maintaining quality.

Antibacterial materials have always been important in the medical sector, but they have become even more crucial since the Covid-19 pandemic. Materials we specify combine a unique UV cured hard coat technology for durability and chemical resistance with antimicrobial technology which is active 24/7 to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface. The result is a surface that is robust for cleaning and stays hygienically cleaner and fresher between routine cleans.

Why choose Bex?

  • We use specialist antimicrobial materials that are easy to clean and compliant with medical industry legislation
  • Where possible, we buy pre-cut materials so we don’t need to manually handle them, ensuring there is no damage or contamination, with clean, pristine materials being used every time.
  • Accurate colour matching
  • Excellent durability for lifetime of product
  • Technical knowledge to support the design of membrane switches and keypads
  • Assembly of products if required
  • Free artwork and tooling
  • Support with research and development
  • Artwork approval before manufacturing
  • Swift quote turnaround time and on time delivery