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Bex Design print and manufacture labels from a wide variety of materials including self-adhesive vinyls, PVC, polycarbonate or polyester, using either screen or high definition digital printing and along with our industrial grade adhesives, ensure each label we produce provides longevity and durability whatever the application.

Whether your requirement is for labels on rolls, flat sheets or individually cut, we can help. You also get high resolution printing with razor sharp detail and consistent colours to help promote your brand and we can print small or larger quantities depending on your requirements.

Expertise In-House

Our experienced team will ensure that we quote, engineer and manufacture the most suitable and cost effective label solution according to the application. We take into account all the important variables including surface adhesion, temperatures and chemical factors to ensure your labels perform optimally, whatever the environment.

We have an in-house creative & design studio which will take care of any redesign requirements or create bespoke labels to your exact specifications.


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UL Certification

The “UL Mark” is an industry standard required for the permanent labelling of certain products which require safety-related information, warnings, cautions, product classifications or instructions. With end-use applications that may face extreme or harsh conditions, these product labels must first meet specific UL testing and certification standards to ensure that they will last the life of the product.

The resources and processes involved with obtaining UL label certification can be challenging and time-consuming. Bex Design has a great deal of experience with UL and uses a range of pre-approved materials and inks, making the process incredibly simple, which in turn saves you time and money.

CNC Finishing

To ensure the fine tolerances todays customers demand, Bex have invested in the latest CNC cutting, routing and engraving technologies which are accurate to plus or minus 0.1mm and are able to cut even the most complex shapes.

These multi-function cutting and finishing tools produce a consistent product, quickly and economically with zero tooling costs.


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