Printing is just part of what we do at Bex. We also offer high precision, high finish cutting services.

Investing in state of the art machinery is important to us at Bex as we strive to provide an unrivalled level of quality to our customers with high end printed products.

We now have four Zünd cutting machines installed, enabling us to offer the finest cutting, at scale, with exceptional accuracy, and on a range of different substrate thicknesses.

Zünd cutting systems

In the past, a lot of cutting was done on traditional platen presses, and this technique is still used today. However, Zünd cutting systems can do so much more than was possible with the platen press.

The system is essentially a computer-aided robotic cutting blade which cuts with incredible accuracy.

Close up of the blade on a Zund cutting machine

The large bed size means we have flexibility to cut small items as well as very large, and it enables us to quickly cut at scale. The fact that it’s electronic allows us to offer free tooling to customers too as we don’t have to buy-in specific tools. 

Perhaps the biggest advantage though, is that the Zünd cutting machine has an accuracy tolerance of +/-0.2mm. This tolerance is really strong compared to platen press cutting. We pride ourselves on our accuracy and detail, so this is hugely beneficial. 

The machine also allows us to produce kiss cut labels which come with an easily peeled backing, making them easier to handle, helping to speed up the production lines of our clients. Additionally, we can dead cut labels if clients require them in singles.  

How it works

We print registration marks and the Zünd has got a camera system that picks up these marks. It then follows the file that’s been sent from the studio and cuts to specification.

It’s a computer aided process, not manual. All we have to do is feed into the bed and let the machine do the hard work. There are also other tools that we can use to put perforated edges and creases into materials. 

Photo of a Zund cutting machine

The whole process is simple and efficient and, now that we have invested in four Zünd machines, we have the capacity and control over the process.


Our Zünd cutting machines are most commonly used to produce overlays and labels for fire panels and EV charge points, helping to produce precision cut products at scale.

In the electronics industry, accuracy is everything. Especially when printed materials have to fit on to things like plastic mouldings or metal work with LED windows and holes for buttons. Zünd cutting offers the perfect solution.

From flexible, printed membranes to the face plates of zebra crossings made from thick polycarbonate, the machines can cut a wide range of materials of different weights and thicknesses. This includes aluminium, which we can cut to create serialised plates for industrial applications. 

To find out more about our cutting, routing and engraving services, please click here.

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