At Bex Design & Print, we understand adhesives. 

Our 35 years of experience producing graphic overlays, membrane switches and labels, means we are well positioned to advise our customers on the different types of adhesives available, and their performance and suitability for different applications and environments. 

The 3M brand was established over 100 years ago, and the company has built a reputation as one of the leading adhesive manufacturers, known for the durability and strength of its products. 

3M produces a wide range of high quality adhesive transfer tapes, and knowing which one to select can be tricky. That’s where we come in. 

3M adhesive labels

How to select the correct adhesive

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting your adhesive. 

Firstly, the type of application and end use will have an impact on the adhesive you select. Applications for adhesives include attaching nameplates to plastics, and graphic overlays that perform in high temperatures.

Secondly, the properties of each substrate must be understood to make the right choice. The surface energy, cleanliness and texture can all influence the choice of adhesive. 

Once you have gathered all of the information outlined above, you can select the correct adhesive by browsing the product range and selecting the features you require such as the cohesive strength and physical properties to meet the needs of your application.

What 3M adhesives are available?

3M offers a wide selection of high quality adhesive products. 

The 3M 200 Series, including the 467MP and 468MP Transfer Tapes have a proven record for reliable bonding to common substrates including metal and glass. The firm acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives are used for overlays and nameplates and have high strength and reliable durability. 

With 3M VHB Tapes, the ‘VHB’ stands for ‘very high bond’, meaning they have high strength, excellent durability, high temperature resistance and are solvent and moisture resistant. These acrylic foam tapes bond together a wide range of substrates and provide an alternative to using screws, rivets, and other permanent fasteners.

3M’s 8132LE and 9472LE Laminating Adhesives offer an extremely smooth, non-fibred adhesive resulting in an excellent graphic appearance. They provide very high bond strength to most surfaces, and offer good resistance to industrial and consumer chemicals, moisture and humidity. 

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can read our full run through of the 3M adhesive range in our adhesives guide, and find data sheets on each adhesive in our download area.

How we can help you

At Bex, our friendly team is on hand to help you at every step of the way. 

We have over 35 years of experience working with businesses to deliver printed components, so our dedicated team of experts is well placed to advise and guide you throughout the ordering process. 

Our free swatch book contains a handy adhesives guide, explaining the benefits of each one and what they can be used for, allowing you to get hands on with the adhesives to make an informed decision. 

Please contact us if you’d like to order your free swatch book or if you need any advice on the best adhesives for your product.

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