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With over 30 years experience producing graphic overlays, membrane switches, labels and nameplates, Bex Design have amassed an unrivalled understanding of the different types of adhesives available, their performance in different environments and suitability for specific applications which allows us, when necessary, to help and advise our customers on the choice of the correct adhesive for their product.

What are Adhesive Transfer Tapes?

Adhesive transfer tapes are rolls of pressure sensitive adhesive pre-applied to a special release liner. For application, the tape is simply pressed, adhesive side down, to a surface and the liner is peeled off. A variety of adhesive properties and liners are available to meet requirements for applications such as nameplate attachment to high and low surface energy plastics, graphic overlays that perform in high temperatures, foam gaskets, signs, posters, banners, point-of-purchase displays, and more.

Below is a brief overview of the most common adhesives that we use.

3M 200 Series – 467MP & 468MP Transfer Tapes

These tapes contain 3M High Performance Acrylic Adhesive 200MP and have a proven record for reliable bonding to common substrates including metal and glass. Both adhesives are used extensively for overlays and nameplates and feature high shear strength and long-lasting bonding resilience, while their excellent moisture and solvent resistance ensures reliable durability. They are firm acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives and their bond will strengthen substantially with natural ageing.

Aerospace, medical and industrial equipment, automotive, appliance and electronics markets
> Bonding graphic nameplates and overlays (“subsurface” printed polycarbonate or polyester) to metal and high surface energy plastics
> Bonding metal nameplates and rating plates
> High speed parts processing when kiss-cutting or die-cutting

3M VHB Tapes:

VHB or Very High Bond Tapes are high-strength, acrylic foam tapes that will instantly bond together a wide range of substrates and provide an alternative to using screws, rivets, spot welds, liquid adhesives and other permanent fasteners. They have excellent durability, a high temperature resistance and are solvent and moisture resistant.

This full range of 40-50 different tapes varies in acrylic type, foam type and material & application suitability. Contact us for advice on the correct tape to use for your application.

Bond, seal and attach metal, plastic and glass assemblies with ease
> Replaces mechanical fasteners and adhesives
> Designed to bond surfaces that have low surface energy, including powder coated and painted surfaces

3M 8132LE & 9472LE Laminating Adhesives

These offer an extremely smooth, non-fibred adhesive resulting in an excellent graphic appearance. They feature 300 LSE “Hi-Strength” acrylic adhesive which provides very high bond strength to most surfaces, including low surface energy plastics and powder coated painted panels. Both adhesives offer good resistance to industrial and consumer chemicals, moisture and humidity and can be utilised on surfaces lightly contaminated with machine oil. They also meet a wide variety of automotive and OEM specifications.

Graphic overlays, membrane switch assemblies nameplates etc for use on low surface energy plastics and powder coated panels
> Bonding a variety of foam substrates to metal and plastic surfaces
> Attaching nameplates, labels etc to oily surfaces, typical of machine parts

3M 7957 Membrane Switch Spacer Tape

Featuring high performance 200MP acrylic adhesive, 7957MP membrane switch spacer tape is ideal for withstanding the repeated stress of switch actuation. The adhesive on this double-sided spacer is formulated for excellent shear strength – forming a durable bond with plastics and other smooth surfaces with less oozing at the edges. This allows for easier slitting and die-cutting, faster part processing and minimal waste.

Membrane switch spacers
> Circuit layer assembly
> Switch mounting and metal dome placement
> Lead protection

3M 9485: High Temperature Adhesive Transfer Tape

3M 9485 adhesive transfer tape utilises 350 adhesive, a modified high performance acrylic adhesive designed for applications requiring high shear strength even at high temperatures. This tape is a high performance, high temperature, solvent-free, industry standard tape with excellent chemical (such as petrol, oil, sodium chloride, mild acids, alkaloids and more) and moisture resistance. It is a fibre reinforced adhesive and is ideal for joining materials that have rougher surfaces.

> Provides high bond to low surface energy substrates and powder coated painted surfaces
> Bonding materials that have rougher surfaces
> Labels that require excellent shear and peel strength at high temperatures

3M 9086, 9087, 9088, 9088FL High Performance Double Coated Tapes

This range of paper tapes utilise 375 adhesive to provide a very high level of adhesive peel and shear performance. They have excellent initial tack which provides good adhesion soon after application to high and low surface energy substrates. These double sided tapes can bond smooth, rough or textured surfaces making them suitable for a wide variety of materials, surfaces and substrates.

> Provides high bond to virtually any high or low surface energy substrate
> Badges and Nameplates
> Metal fabrication
> Indoor/Outdoor signage

These are the key industry-standard adhesives that we use, but we are able to work with other adhesives or tapes that you may specify.

If you’d like to know more about the adhesives we use or are unsure which one is right for your product, please download the adhesive data sheets from our downloads page or alternatively get in touch via our online request form.

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