Often, it can feel like the best printing solution is either screen printing or digital printing. Both are very useful in different ways and have benefits in their own right. But you can have the best of both worlds.

By combining digital print with screen print, we can create truly bespoke products that match your specific requirements without compromise.

Let’s explore the benefits that screen and digital print offer, before we share what can be achieved by combining the two. 

Photo of our super fast screen printing technology that can be combined with digital print

Benefits of screen print

Perhaps the biggest difference between screen and digital print is the vibrancy of colours that screen printing offers. For Pantone or RAL colours, screen printing’s accuracy, quality and vibrancy is unrivalled. We can also colour match in our ink lab to nail your brand colours.

Screen printing can be used to print onto a wide range of different substrates at a range of thicknesses. From printed circuits to metal work, screen printing can be used on virtually any flat surface. Screen printing also ensures accuracy and a clean, crisp finish. 

When it comes to printing large volumes of products, it is also a quick, efficient and potentially cost effective method too. Higher volume orders means lower unit costs, making screen print perfect for industrial scale manufacturing.

Benefits of digital print

Digital printing is perfect for shorter print runs, thanks to it being very fast and efficient. At Bex, our printers are capable of delivering speeds of 180 sqm/hr, helping us to deliver products to meet tight deadlines.

It is a very versatile printing technology, and can be used on a wide variety of materials. That means we can produce stunning text and graphics on almost any printable substrate – as large as 3200 x 2000mm and up to 100mm thick. 

It’s great if you need to print colour gradients, as digital printing is capable of producing much finer gradients than screen printing.

Thanks to being a fast and straightforward process, digital printing is also a cost-effective solution as well. Being a fast process helps to keep our costs competitive and our carbon footprint low.

These days, choosing digital print doesn’t mean sacrificing quality either. We continually invest in the latest technology to ensure we can offer top quality digital printing. Combined with our rigorous quality control systems, we can ensure top quality printing every time.

Benefits of combining screen and digital print

So, we’ve established that both screen printing and digital printing offer a range of benefits, and you can’t go far wrong with either.

However, it’s by combining the two that we can unlock some truly unique designs by utilising the advantages of both processes to meet your exact needs.

Combining digital with screen printing allows you to access the vibrancy of colour that only screen printing can provide, while using digital print for any fine gradients and other elements of your design to save time and money.

This combination approach offers ultimate design flexibility as we can achieve almost anything you can imagine.
If you’d like to find out more about how we can combine digital and screen printing to create tailored solutions for your business, please contact us.

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