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Electric car chargers

As demand for EVs continues to grow, so does the demand for EV chargers. Keeping up with EV adoption is a significant challenge for both manufacturers of EV charging points and those in charge of infrastructure.

On top of this increased demand, external factors such as the rising price of energy, global supply chain shortages and the increased need for sustainability are all major challenges in their own right.

Bex Design & Print Ltd. – Overcoming EV challenges

With a number of challenges facing EV charging point manufacturers, it is important to select your print partner wisely to ensure you don’t add to them. Getting it right can help with:

  • Rising energy costs: Tackle rising prices by getting it right first time, every time – improving quality control to reduce the need for reworks
  • Materials: With supplies scarce and prices soaring, slim down your supply chain and ensure swift lead times by choosing a print partner that reliably keeps materials in stock
  • Sustainability: Reduce environmental impact by bringing your print supplier back from overseas to a UK based supplier with green credentials. Control wastage by using a printing partner that uses pre-cut materials.

Experts in print for EV chargers

At Bex Design & Print, we’ve helped to create more than 500,000 EV charging stations and counting for the UK and Europe.

As a market leading manufacturer of industrial printed graphics, overlays, labels and membrane keypads for the EV charging industry, we’re supplying five of the largest manufacturers of EV charging points.

Using our vast experience we can offer unrivalled knowledge on the product design and advise on key features such as printing techniques, material specification, along with the appropriate adhesive to use for the end-user environment.

Bex uses only the highest quality materials for the manufacture of the graphic overlays, labels and other materials that are then applied to the charging point.

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Lexan Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is a tough, high quality, almost unbreakable substrate, ideal for charging point overlays. We are one of the few UK printers that can print directly onto Lexan polycarbonate, saving our customers time and money. A hard coating can be added for scratch resistance.

Cast Acrylic

Cast acrylic is a cost effective, tough, transparent material which makes it suitable for electric charging points. It benefits from high scratch resistance without the need for additional coating.

Cutting & Routing

We can route or laser cut to any design or thickness up to 10mm as appropriate.

Other EV products
We also manufacture:Battery Labels | Anodised Plates | Warning Panels | Safety Labels

Why choose Bex?

We are in the enviable position of having all the required services under one roof – engineering, printing, routing and laser cutting – meaning that you only need to deal with one supplier from start to finish.

We’ve put a lot of work into the products we supply, using outdoor grade materials such as polyester that withstands UV light and temperature fluctuations and we have a range of printing processes for any design – sometimes combining printing types for the desired appearance or function.

Our fully automated print line using the latest technology is capable of printing 500 sheets of material per hour, meaning we have the capacity to cope with large volume orders. With vast experience in domestic and commercial markets, we understand the pressure of lead times.

All of our products are produced to the highest quality, competitively priced and delivered on time.


  • Quality of product
  • Vast experience of the green energy sector – involved in producing over 500,000 EV charging stations
  • Materials expertise
  • Reliability and efficiency of delivery
  • Green credentials – we have solar panels installed on the roof of our factory and buy pre-cut materials to reduce waste
  • ISO9001 certified
  • Swift quote turnaround time and on time delivery