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Laser cutting is used for a number of different industrial manufacturing applications and means the process of using a laser to produce cut edges or engrave onto a surface.

Laser cutters work roughly the same as a standard printer in a home or office. However, instead of ink it uses light energy. Images and designs are created on a computer and these are sent to the cutter to engrave or cut out. If you can create it then a laser can cut or engrave it!

A variety of different materials can be engraved or cut using a laser cutter. Metals can also be engraved once they have been pre-treated by anodising.

“Our multi-function cutting and finishing tools produce the perfect solution, quickly, economically and to the finest tolerances.“

Benefits of laser cutting

There are a number of advantages to using laser cutting when compared to traditional mechanical cutting. Laser cutters are generally faster, quieter and cleaner than their mechanical counterparts. They also make it easy to engrave logos and any kind of typeface.

Furthermore, laser cutters are environmentally friendly as they do not require any inks or chemicals, and their high level of accuracy ensures that waste is kept to a minimum. They are also a cost effective solution, thanks to their speed and how easy they can make modifications and alterations.

At Bex, we have invested in the latest laser cutting technology to help us provide an unrivalled level of quality to our customers with high end printed products.

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Our cutters are the fastest on the market, operating at speeds of up 3.55 m/sec and acceleration of 5g.


A high degree of accuracy can be achieved, with very fine tolerances of plus or minus 0.2mm.


We can cut most acrylics, laminates, wood and plastics including perspex.


We can cut or route any thickness of material up to 40mm, according to customer specification.

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tolerances achieved with laser cutting