Experience and quality

At Bex Design & Print, we have been working with UK manufacturers for over 35 years. Our experience and knowledge enables us to advise on the most cost effective solution for your printed components, with no compromise on quality.

We have full ISO 9001 accreditation and are actively working towards ISO 14001 Environmental Quality Standards. All products supplied by Bex Design & Print Ltd comply with ROHS E.U. Directive 2006.

Download our current ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Investing in technology

Because we aim to provide an unrivalled level of quality and service to our customers, we’re constantly investing in the latest technology and techniques for our printing and cutting processes to provide the best printed products possible.

Our printing technology includes a Sakurai Maestro MF-80VII – a high speed, fully automatic screen printing press with integrated Natgraph Air Force UV Combination dryer.

We also have four Zünd cutting machines installed, enabling us to offer the finest cutting, at scale, with exceptional accuracy, and on a range of different substrate thicknesses.

Tracking and checking to ensure quality

Each part we create has a unique POS number which allows us to identify and track it. Our sophisticated factory tracking software provides an all in one solution for our factory, allowing us to track products as they move through the factory. Everything is tracked, documented and easily accessible.

The majority of our processes are carried out within our manufacturing facility which allows us full control of the products we produce.

All of our products are thoroughly checked, both functionally and visually, before dispatch to customers, and we carry out 100% inspection on membrane keypads. So you can rest assured that your order will arrive in perfect condition.