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What is digital cutting and CNC?

Digital cutting is the process of cutting a variety of materials following a computer-programmed path to ensure a high degree of accuracy.

The process can be used on a wide range of substrates, and it can be used for smaller scale projects right up to large scale graphic installations.

CNC stands for Computerised Numerical Control, meaning the computerised manufacturing process of pre-programmed software controlling the movement of the cutting machine.

“Our multi-function cutting and finishing tools produce the perfect solution, quickly, economically and to the finest tolerances.“

Benefits of digital cutting

There are a number of benefits to digital cutting:

  • Thanks to the speed of digital cutting, turnaround time and overall production time can be kept to a minimum.
  • High levels of precision, with fine tolerances of plus or minus 0.2mm.
  • It can be used for a wide range of materials including vinyl, polyester, polycarbonate, MR PVC, acrylic, foam boards as well as thicker substrates.
  • Ideal for large-format printing.

State of the art cutting technology

Investing in state of the art machinery is important to us at Bex as we strive to provide an unrivalled level of quality to our customers with high end printed products.

We now have four Zünd cutting machines installed, enabling us to offer the finest cutting, at scale, with exceptional accuracy, and on a range of different substrate thicknesses.

Our Zünd cutting machines are most commonly used to produce overlays and labels for fire panels and EV charge points, helping to produce precision cut products at scale.

In the electronics industry, plastic mouldings or metal work with LED windows and holes for buttons can be produced with Zünd cutting.

The machine also allows us to produce kiss cut labels which come with an easily peeled backing, making them easier to handle, and we can dead cut labels if singles are required.

tolerances achieved with laser cutting