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Print Solutions for the Traffic & Site Management Sector

Extensive Experience

The important traffic and site management sector has been a major focus for our business since its formation. We are well versed in the requirements for the sector and consistently deliver a reliable and cost-efficient service.

We print and manufacture many different types of membrane key panels and overlays used for traffic monitoring and control systems, pedestrian crossing touch panels and roadworks radio detection equipment. Many of our products are exported to traffic monitoring & management system providers around the world.


Traffic and site management signage helps to control vehicle and pedestrian traffic, warn of potential hazards and restrict access. The signage produced at Bex Design is ideal for use in car parks, on construction and building sites and on company premises.

We print any kind of permanent or temporary traffic and site management signage. This can include cost-effective Correx boards used for temporary warning signs, directional signage, health & safety signage or roadworks, or more permanent aluminium composite materials for highways and directional roadside signage.

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Experts in Traffic & Site Management Solutions

We have been working for the traffic & site management sector in the UK for over 30 years.

We know the UK and international industry requirements for specific materials and applications, ranging from weatherproof, reflective, fire-retardant to tactile and scratch-resistant.

We understand that rapid turnaround and cost are important factors and always do our utmost to meet these requirements for our customers.

Why use Bex?

  • Fast turnaround
  • Industry approved materials
  • Extensive sector experience
  • Adhesive specifications to suit all environments
  • Free cut parts testing service
  • In-house studio re-engineering
  • High quality, highly durable products