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What is hot foil roll to roll?

Hot foil printing is designed to produce high quality self-adhesive rolls of labels for a range of different applications.

The printing technique applies a metallic or pigmented foil, which creates a special finish such as metallic or matte. It can help products to stand out, or to create a more luxurious look.

Benefits of hot foil

Hot foil printing can be used to create any shape cut labels in a variety of colours. It is a low cost option for tooling and origination, and a wide range of different substrate and adhesive combinations are available from stock.

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Hot foil printing has the ability to produce highly visible, high quality labels. Products can stand out, making them appear superior to rivals.

Perceived value

The special finishes that can be applied using hot foil have become associated with higher quality, more luxurious products, helping them to appear more valuable.


Hot foil printing is the only way to access metallic finishes on labels, and there is a wide variety of colours to choose from including gold, silver and metallic colours.


The design of hot foil roll labels is entirely customisable. We work with you to create a design to match your exact specifications.