Manufacturing can often throw up complex challenges that require unique solutions. 

That’s why our team of experts is on hand to offer those engineering solutions, giving you all the help you need to overcome your manufacturing hurdles.

Manufacturing solutions

Reverse engineering

One of our key offerings is the ability to reverse engineer legacy products, even if you don’t have the technical drawings available. We can work with physical samples or membrane keypads to recreate the technical drawings and create prototypes to test on your products using our digital printing equipment. 

Once the prototype has been perfected, we then work with you to manufacture the components to a high standard. We know that printed components are often the final parts manufacturers need for their products, so we offer rapid turnaround times and on time deliveries to help you meet your deadlines.

Our extensive material swatch book guides and expertise in product engineering can also help guide you to select the perfect materials, like polycarbonate, for your products.

Precision cutting

In manufacturing, precision is everything. Our state of the art CNC cutting technology allows us to achieve precise tolerances of +/-0.2mm without incurring additional tooling costs. 

Our four Zünd cutting machines enable us to offer the finest cutting, at scale, with exceptional accuracy, and on a range of different substrate thicknesses.

We also offer profile modification at no additional cost to ensure that your product is manufactured to your exact specifications.

Engineering solutions

We have helped many customers over the years by providing engineering solutions to their manufacturing challenges.

For example, we helped one client increase the capacity of their production line by introducing peel tabs to their product. This ensured easier handling of the product resulting in a more streamlined process and ultimately cost savings for the client. 

For a client who needed to overcome complicated adhesive-free areas in their product design we developed a printable adhesive solution. This solution eliminated the need for the time-consuming manual application of adhesives, again resulting in a more efficient manufacturing process.

We also implemented a printable protection film for a client who needed to protect their product from scratched windows during the manufacturing process. This solution reduced the amount of damaged products that needed to be scrapped, resulting in cost savings for the client.

Contact us today to learn more about our engineering solutions and how we can support you with your manufacturing issues.

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