Here at Bex, we actively work with our customer base to understand the challenges they face in the manufacturing world. 

Adapting our offering based on current impacts is crucial to providing relevant solutions to our customers – and one of the issues customers are currently facing is carrying higher inventory levels than they would ideally like for products and components. 

To address this, Bex offers a variety of flexible initiatives to support customers with inventory management:

Our inventory boosting initiatives

1. Small spot orders: Enabling customers to place smaller, more frequent orders to help manage their inventory more effectively and avoid overstocking.

2. Call-off orders: By enabling customers to place orders on an as-needed basis, we can reduce the need for bulk purchases and excessive inventory.

3. Kanban system: We use a just-in-time inventory system using Kanban cards. These trigger the replenishment of products and components only when needed, thereby minimising excess stock.

4. Scheduled deliveries: We provide customers with regular, predictable delivery schedules, which can help them plan their inventory and production processes more efficiently.

So what do these do for you…

1. Reduced downtime and line stops: Nothing is more frustrating for manufacturers than unexpected downtime due to components running out. Prevent your production lines from grinding to a halt with our inventory management solutions. 

2. Just-in-time manufacturing support: Often the final piece of the puzzle for manufacturers, printed components such as graphic overlays and membrane switches need to be delivered just-in-time, every time. Implementing a Kanban system will automatically trigger a release order to ensure stock is delivered at exactly the right moment.  

3. Flexibility in production planning: We get it. Despite your best efforts to plan ahead, sometimes last minute changes happen meaning you need to respond to an increase in demand with little time to plan. Our call-off orders ensure you have complete flexibility to call us up with your last minute orders, and our rapid lead times mean you won’t be waiting long for delivery.

4. Improved cash flow management: Our regular, predictable delivery schedules ensure that you can not only plan your inventory, but manage your cash flow too. Cash flow management is important at the best of times, but it is even more crucial during the tough economic times we have all been experiencing recently.  

5. Enhanced customer satisfaction: Ensuring your inventory is always fully stocked ensures you can fulfil your customer orders reliably and on time, helping to enhance customer satisfaction and improve retention. 

6. Competitive advantage: Finally, successful inventory management can secure you a competitive advantage. While your competitors may be struggling to complete orders due to running out of stock, or restraints from using offshore suppliers with uncontrollable lead times, by utilising our services, you can become the go-to option in your industry by building a reputation as a reliable supplier. 

Adapting our offering based on the economic climate and the changing needs of our clients and their industries is central to our customer service. 

To find out more about how Bex Design & Print can support you with your inventory challenges, contact one of our dedicated account managers

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