Bex Design & Print Ltd. has donated reverse printed PVC labels for a recycling bin that will be used by the charity to collect crisp packets at the Wiltshire Air Ambulance base in Semington.

Dave Brown from Bex (far right, above) was delighted to visit the base in Semington, along with Leafield Environmental, a long-standing Bex client who donated the Envirobank recycling bin. The bin will be used by Wiltshire Air Ambulance only and is not a public drop-off point.

The new recycling scheme has been set up by Recycle for Wiltshire Air Ambulance (Recycle4WAA) and is part of their wider recycling programme that has raised £25,000 in the past 18 months for the charity who are celebrating their 30th year of operation this year.

Recycle4WAA was started in 2014 by Sam Peters and Lesa Snook and has gone from strength to strength. It now operates multiple recycling programmes across Wiltshire collecting crisp packets, baby food pouches, pet food packaging, Tassimo and L’or coffee pods, bread bags, oral care, contact lenses and confectionary wrappers. Volunteers collect packaging from public drop-offs at private households, public and commercial premises and relay to sorting bases in Salisbury, Swindon, Royal Wootton Bassett, Chippenham and Melksham.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance’s Bell 429 helicopter at the airbase in Semington

Wiltshire Air Ambulance is a charity and relies on donations to continue saving lives. It is not funded directly by the Government and receives no National Lottery grants. It costs Wiltshire Air Ambulance £3.75 million a year to keep the lifesaving service operational, that’s just over £10,000 per day. Wiltshire Air Ambulance is operational up to 19 hours a day, every day, and is called to, on average, three incidents a day in its helicopter and two Rapid Response Vehicles (cars).

Sam Peters from Recycle4WAA said: “The public response to our recycling schemes has been incredible and we are very thankful. On average across all recycling schemes we are raising approximately £2,000 a month for Wiltshire Air Ambulance. We couldn’t achieve this without the fantastic support by our team of volunteers who spend valuable time collecting and sorting waste ready to send to Terracycle. Thank you to Leafield Environmental and Bex Design & Print Ltd for donating the recycling bin and labels to collect even more crisp packets for Wiltshire Air Ambulance.”

Lesa Snook continued: “We are really passionate to raise as much money for Wiltshire Air Ambulance because they are not government funded. They rely on public donations and schemes like this. Our recycling programme not only reduces the amount of waste going to landfill, but raises vital money they need to keep flying.”

Dave Brown from Bex Design added: “We’ve been actively encouraging our workforce to donate their crisp packets to Recycle4WAA for well over a year as it not only avoids sending unwanted waste to landfill, but is such a great way to raise money for Wiltshire Air Ambulance. We were therefore very pleased to be able to provide the durable, reverse printed PVC labels for this new crisp packet recycling bin so generously provided by Leafield Environmental, who we are proud to work in partnership with.”

For more information on the Recycle4WAA pick-up points or to become a volunteer, visit their Facebook page or email

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