The proactive investment in state-of-the-art machinery is really important and we continually source the specialist equipment that allows us to continue offering unmatched levels of service and quality to our customers.

One area of the business that has traditionally been a manual task has now become automated with the arrival of an AT-C1012D Digital Automatic Emulsion Coating Machine.

Automated, Accurate Screen Coating

Coating screen mesh with photo-imageable emulsion calls for tight control and a high level of skill – both of which our team deliver. However, it can be time-consuming and coating levels may vary depending on the operator.

Our new coating machine enables us to bring automation to this area of the screen coating process, significantly improving speed and more importantly, accuracy of coating – a crucial element in order to achieve perfect print quality.

Incredible Innovation and Precision

With so many variables such as squeegee, screen mesh, and the printing machine working together during the printing process to affect print quality, stable and even coating of the screen cannot be over emphasised.

The AT-C1012D features digital touch-screen controls that can be programmed to finely govern the emulsion coating process, resulting in a perfectly even and precise finish on either one or both sides of the screen.

The AT-C1012D’s Key Features Explained

How will the AT-C1012D improve our screen coating process?

Coating layer thickness control: The operator presets the desired coating layer thickness via the touchscreen, choosing between 1-15 coats of emulsion for optimum performance, based on mesh size and application.

Synchronous or single-sided coating: The machine allows the operator to choose between single-sided coating (front or back) or synchronous double-sided coating of the screen.

Exceptional speed: Waiting time per coating is 0-10 seconds and coating speed can be set to 10-100mm/sec.

Customisable coating cycles: The operator can select various coating cycles – this can include even or odd-numbered coating cycles and bespoke coating cycles.

Fast-locking frame: The machine features a rotary cylinder locking frame which allows for easy loading/off-loading and frame fixation.

Easy to clean: A removable stainless steel tray minimises the chance of contamination by collecting any emulsion coating drip.

Future Investments Planned…

The AT-C1012D is a welcome addition to our impressive plant list and one that will make a substantial impact on lead times and help to produce even more refined results.

We are already looking at further large investments and by ensuring we equip our team with these advanced solutions, we’re able to satisfy and exceed our clients’ requirements every time.

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