It’s been a busy start to life at Bex for Marcus Farci, Head of New Business, as he’s been securing new orders and developing relationships with existing customers. 

But he still found time to be interviewed on BBC Radio Wiltshire recently, discussing our switch to a four-day working week and the environmental benefits it brings. 

We caught up with Marcus to find out how he’s getting on after his first six months in the role.

How have your first six months been?

The first couple of months were focused on familiarising myself with the business. I spent time in the factory, learning about the various products we make and gaining a thorough understanding of our offerings. I’m still learning so it’s a work in progress, but spending time in the factory was really valuable for building my knowledge. 

Following that, I was tasked with exploring potential new customers, specifically targeting net new business opportunities. Additionally, I made an effort to reconnect with our existing customer base that may not have been in contact recently. 

I recognised the importance of getting out of the office and meeting customers face-to-face. To facilitate this, I worked with Ian, our former MD, who has spent time with me in the office while I was getting up to speed. 

Together, we embarked on customer visits, which proved interesting as many of them were not fully aware of our complete proposition. To address this, I utilised our new swatch books, showcasing our capabilities and engaging in discussions about our services. 

So, in essence, the first six months have revolved around actively promoting the business to both new and existing customers. 

How has it differed from your previous roles?

The difference from my previous roles has been stark because they were much more corporate than Bex which has a much friendlier atmosphere. I am much more comfortable in a smaller company where there is greater flexibility and less red tape to overcome. It’s not to say that the work is easier, but there are fewer constraints and more freedom to take direct action. 

Lots of the team at Bex have been here for a long time, so my outsider’s perspective has proven beneficial. Drawing from my experience in various industries and corporate settings, I’ve been able to offer fresh ideas that complement our existing strategies. For instance, implementing customer incentives and providing dedicated support to nurture new clients has been a focus. 

I’m not one for sitting behind a desk all day. I thrive on autonomy and the ability to take action as needed. For example, one day recently after a few internal meetings, I hopped in my car and explored different opportunities in Gloucester Business Park. Although we may not have previously engaged the companies there, I visited their receptions, collected contact details of purchasers, and followed up accordingly. There are numerous avenues to explore, and I have the freedom to pursue them in order to get the job done.

How was your experience being interviewed on BBC Radio Wiltshire recently?

My experience being interviewed on BBC Radio Wiltshire was really positive. The interviewer was incredibly kind and it was refreshing to have an outsider come in, tour the premises, and have me explain our operations. It was interesting to articulate what we do and reinforce the knowledge I’ve gained in the past six months. 

It’s important for us as a local company to expand our presence through different media formats. While I don’t expect a sudden influx of customers from the radio, exploring various channels helps in building brand awareness and getting our message out there. It was great to discuss our four-day working week and the positive impact it’s having on our carbon footprint, as it’s not something a lot of companies are doing.

How do you think the next six months will pan out?

There is a lot of work to do looking ahead. There are new opportunities for us to explore, but it requires a strategic approach. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next six months hold and how things progress. I’ve taken on a couple of accounts that have the potential for significant investment, so hopefully those will really develop in the coming months.

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