We are pleased announce the availability of our new Material Guidebook, containing samples of the Polyester and Polycarbonate films manufactured by MacDermid Autotype that we print onto daily.

Working in collaboration with MacDermid Autotype, a world-leading manufacturer of industrial films designed for applications such as membrane switches, keypads, graphic overlays and labelling, we are able to showcase these materials in our new material guidebook, available free on request for our customers.

Here at Bex Design we have used these tried and tested materials with great success for many years. Within the guidebook, we also feature exciting and innovative substrates that are new to the marketplace, designed for technically challenging applications and providing solutions that offer new opportunities, and a competitive edge.

Our pocket-sized, lightweight material guidebook is packed full of useful information, allowing you to get a real feel for the unique selling points and benefits that the materials offer. The printed samples feature information regarding each material’s coating, texture, resistances, applications, and more. Material-specific benefits are also listed, such as: anti-fingerprint surfaces, true colour reproduction, easy glide and multi-touch gesturing.

The information is also backed up with the manufacturer’s technical data sheets that are easy to access and download here.

Our Material Guidebook includes the following materials:

Autotex® Range

  • Autotex® Fine
  • Autotex® XE V
  • Autotex® Softouch
  • Autotex® Steel
  • Autotex® AM (Antimicrobial)
  • Autotex® Touch
  • Autotex® PCT
  • Autotex® PCF

Autoflex® range

  • Autoflex® EBG
  • Autoflex® EBA
  • Autoflex® PCG
  • Autoflex® PCA

Please get in touch today if you’d like to order your free Material Guidebook or if you require advice on the most suitable material for your product. Please note some materials are non-stock items and may be subject to minimum order quantities.

Autotex® and Autoflex® are registered trademarks of MacDermid Autotype Ltd.

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